Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giveaway- Intro. To Vance Mangum 101

In honor of my first ever giveaway, I thought I would start off with a bang and offer up a signed copy of book 1 and 2 from my favorite book series - Of Witches and Warlocks by author Lacey Weatherford. Being the lover of romance that I am, I was immediately pulled under the spell of this series dazzling couple - Portia Mullins and Vance Mangum and have devoured these books. I haven't exactly been silent about my growing obsession with the book's resident bad boy, Vance (as you can tell from reading my site and seeing him EVERYWHERE) and so in my quest to convert the world to him, the first step is giving people the opportunity to read the books. Here's a little bit about them...

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