Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahoy Landlubber, There Be A Giveway On The Horizon

September 19th
International Talk Like
A Pirate Day

Come celebrate all things pirates by entering the giveaway to win a signed copy of The Pirate Vortex by Deborah Cannon. All you need do to enter is email me at and speak to me in PIRATE. It can be just a word (your favorite or one you find funny) or a sentence. Be creative and have fun with it. All entries need to be in by September 19th at 11.59pm and don't forget to include your email so I can let you know if you've won.

(click on the title to read the blurb for The Pirate Vortex and the link for my review)

The Pirate Vortex
Deborah Cannon / Young Adult

Teen fencing champ, Elizabeth Latimer, is a girl of her times. Armed with the latest palm computer, she leaps into an oceanic vortex in pursuit of Daniel, an oh-so-awesome pirate. He knows the whereabouts of her missing marine archaeologist mom, but instead of reuniting them, he leads her into an impossible mission—to help the pirate Calico Jack Rackham rescue his girlfriend Anne Bonny. Anne is being held captive by the Governor of the Bahamas. Elizabeth is identical in looks to Anne, and when she emerges from the vortex onto Rackham’s boat and tells him she’s his descendant from the 21st century, he roars “witch!” In a world where men solve their problems by running a foot of steel into their enemies’ guts, Elizabeth has only two weapons at her disposal—her fencing skill and her palm-sized computer with which she stays in touch with her sister Lulu. But the Universe has its rules—and she is tied by two of them. Number one, she can’t reveal modern technology to the pirates. Number two, she can’t kill anyone. If she breaks either of these rules, she’ll change history and alter the future. Worst case scenario? Liz and her family will cease to exist!

My Review Of The Pirate Vortex


LMW said...

Arrgh matey! Stand fast, secure the riggin'! Cuz a pirate fest be a brewin'! LOL is that pirate sounding or just nerdy? hahaha Well, I tried. :)

Black Disaster Fairy said...

LMW... great comment and you def made me laugh!

Black Disaster Fairy

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