Monday, September 6, 2010

Giveaway - Ravish Me

"The feel of the wall at my back warned me that there would be no more retreating. The dance Daniel and I had been doing over the last few months had finally come to an end and judging from the look of hungry triumph in Daniel’s eyes, he knew he had me right where he wanted me. Unable to look away, I licked my lips in anticipation as I watched his lips curve into that sexy smirk of his and a streak of heat shot through my body. Taking that final step, he pressed himself up against me, pinning me to the wall with the hardness of his body. Placing both his hands on either side of my head, he leaned in close to nuzzle into my hair. “Just say the words, Beth” he whispered as he laid a trail of hot kisses up and down my neck, pausing slightly to nip at my skin with his teeth. With a slight groan, Daniel moved his hands, sliding one through my hair and the other one around my waist, pulling me tighter into him, leaving no space between us. He didn’t need to say anything other than that because I knew what he was waiting for, what words he was wanted to hear. “Daniel.” I spoke, my voice barely louder than a whisper. Daniel stopped, his lips resting softly on my skin and with my hands, I gently guided his face so I could look into his eyes. Knowing that what I said next would change everything between us, I leaned in close to him and lightly brushed my lips against his, pausing for just one more moment before softly adding, “Ravish me”

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There are some great kissing out there in the books we read and to honor them I'm giving away a great gift pack to the winner of  the "Ravish Me" giveaway.

Here's what you could win
  • A copy of Marcia McClure's latest romance called The Windswept Flame (my review) (To me, she put the OMG in book kisses and so it seems only fitting that I giveaway one of her books. Learn more about her on my Spotlight page)
  • A Mobu pamper pack that has everything you'd need to make yourself completely ravishable . This includes a caramel latte and choc hazelnut lip balms, chocolate cherry body butter and Love Potion bath salts.
To win, email me at and tell me about your favorite book kiss. All entries need to be in before September 30th and the winner will be announced October 1st. This is an international giveaway and you need to be over 18 to enter.

Happy Reading !!


LMW said...

Nothing beats a good Ravishing!! sign me up!!

Lyndsey said...

Now this gives me something awesome to think about while I go to work tonight. Now do I be predictable or not lol!!! You know what Im talkin bout :P

Anne said...

What book is that from?

TheBookishSnob said...

Anne, I actually wrote it. I wanted a teaser and trying to find one that said "ravish me" in my library was crazy. So no book, just me :D

Anne said...

Sorry for the late reply. That's just good! I thought it came from a book. I even tried to Google it. XD

TheBookishSnob said...

*smiles* that made my day Anne :)

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